Recognizing that athletes and families should have choice, we have created an academy-based platform with a clear path for those aspiring to play at the next level.

About the JPHL

The JPHL provides quality, high-level on and off-ice development, elite competition, distinctive league play across Western Canada, signature North American exposure events, and an enriching student- athlete experience. We are proud to deliver unmatched opportunity, in one complete package, at an attainable price point.

The JPHL’s independent stream is optimally positioned at the forefront of elite hockey development. In addition to being the only borderless model with the right expertise, structure, experience and leadership, we have repeatedly proven our willingness and ability to innovate and create a league-driven platform that ensures attainment of player, official, and coach focused outcomes.


  • Unparalleled Student Athlete Lifestyle
  • Professional Non-Parent Coaches
  • Professional Goalie Instruction
  • Elite Athlete Services
  • True Movement Advantage
  • Optimized Athlete and Coach Digital Footprints
  • Fully Broadcasted Events
  • Highly Competitive Hub Environment
  • Elite Showcase Exposure
  • Cutting Edge Social Media Exposure
  • Professional Scouting Department
  • Signature Events & High Performance Tournaments
  • Creative Events Including a Draft Series
  • Best-Of-Playoffs
  • Prospects Game
  • Transportation
  • 2-Athlete Per Room Accommodations
  • Catered Meals on The Road
  • League & Hub Specific Staff & Executives
  • Mental Training
  • Competition
  • Nutrition
  • Safety
  • Exposure
  • Culture
  • Sense / Skill / Skating
  • Mobility Performance
  • Strength Conditioning
  • Education Support / Planning
  • Healthy Lifestyle
  • Junior Experience
  • League Supported Development Model



Based on our personal experience as professional and junior players as well as our experience operating Major Junior and Junior A programs, we believe that our athletes should maximize on-ice development by incorporating a balanced daily schedule of athletics, academics and recuperation time.


  • On-ice development comes by way of team practices, skill development training such as skating, puck handling skills, technical skill application within hockey plays and goaltender specific training.
  • Off-ice development includes a focus on mental training, strength and conditioning, yoga, True Movement, and spin.



One of the best ways to demonstrate the growth and development of our athletes is to share their journey. Athlete tracking is not only encouraged by WHL and other Junior franchises, it allows us to effectively illustrate individual trends so that GMs, scouts, and junior teams can assess progress and project future potential.

Inspired by similar systems used in USA high school football, we will track athlete statistics including height, weight, combine scores, and academic grades. This creates unique tools that support our student athletes as they accelerate to the next level.

Digital Footprint
Impactful Coverage



The JPHL is proud to partner with 4Vengeance Media to provide a professional broadcast complete with in-game commentary, player interviews and online streaming. This aspect provides scouts, GMs, agencies and junior teams to access our JPHL players throughout the season with a high-quality video feed.  Our partnership with 4Vengeance Media also allows for family across the country and world to watch from a distance. 4Vengeance Media currently produces market leading content for the Spruce Grove Jr. A Saints, the Hockey Super League content series, the 2021 True Hockey Franchise Cup, 2021 War for the Roses and several other corporate and sports broadcasts. Player interviews and profiles will also be professionally produced and distributed on digital channels to provide a unique stream for athlete recognition and exposure as we continue to provide best-in-class exposure for our athletes.


We believe the helping our student athletes get to the next level takes a holistic approach. The JPHL is a league that seeks to prepare our athletes for life in hockey but also places a heavy emphasis on the culture and community pieces off the ice as well. Our Innovation Series consists of a variety of exposure pieces that help our athletes become more well-rounded – details matter!

Some of the details include:

  • Elite Athlete Services sessions about concussion science & protocol and mental training
  • Player & Goalie specific seminars with players and specialists
  • True Movement seminars to improve the athlete’s body and prepare them for an elite competitive environment
  • Code of Conduct seminar to focus on a positive culture
  • The JPHL Draft Series to help expose our athletes to life beyond the JPHL
  • Nutrition to help educate our athletes about healthy habits and how to fuel our bodies for competition
  • Strength & Conditioning seminar to help educate the mind about the body and how this transcends into JPHL action


Athlete safety, comfort and well being are paramount. We set the transportation standards across all HUBs with Silent Rides Charter Company providing AB HUB transportation/logistics and separate arrangements for BC HUBs. At every step we work to foster a supportive environment for performance excellence. Showcase travel will be a mixture of flights and bus transportation methods. Interprovincial travel in winter months may entail flights however all in-province travel will consist of bus transportation throughout the season.


We are committed to providing a gold standard of two-athlete room experience for teams traveling into our Showcase weekends along with properly scheduled nutrition and hydration. As we ensure our athletes are set up for success, we are also instilling life-long healthy habits.



As we seek competitive advantage, we are invested in growing all components of the game. Our Silent Ice Officiating Academy leads the industry in training, as well as shadow and supervision hours. Our pursuit of excellence carefully targets every interaction. We currently have over 200 registered officials and are often used as the standard for referee development. Our Officiating Academy is bolstered by a Referee in Chief (RIC), Director of Officiating and several Senior Supervisors spread out geographically. We further differentiate and provide our Officials and Players with an environment immolating the junior and professional hockey and believe that our 4-person crews align with this strategy.



Fees include JPHL games and special events hosted by the JPHL, practices, all travel-related costs, player apparel package, and equipment such as game and practice jerseys, gloves, helmets, pant shells, and bags. Admin fees are additional costs at registration.

There are no cash calls, fundraising, separate educational program costs or other unexpected fees.

Individuals who require a billet should plan for an additional cost per month depending on the agreed host family arrangement and location involved.

*Private schools and/or geographically locations with extra travel cost considerations represent the higher price noted.



U18 Division

2008, 2007, 2006 born athletes (Grade 10- 12)

U17 Division

2008 & 2007 born athletes (Grade 10- 11)

U15 Division

2009 born athletes (Grade 9)

U14 Division

2010 born athletes (Grade 8)



A HUB is a designated centre of excellence that brings together both hockey and academic components. The JPHL’s HUB model includes facilities in British Columbia and Alberta.

Not only is the HUB model geographically positioned to have a healthy recruitment footprint, it is also protected by capped growth in any single division. This means that each HUB can focus on ensuring the highest level of hockey development and instruction without arbitrary limitations. HUBs may vary in divisional representation. Full charter HUBs have representation across all four divisions while Affiliate HUBs have single to multiple divisions but not a full compliment. The JPHL recognizes that certain geographical locations may have varied depths of athletes across different age groups and doesn’t always require a HUB to offer the full divisional compliment which can in turn lower the quality of the league without purpose. 

Each HUB is staffed with key personnel to support an athlete’s growth, development, and journey to the next level. Core positions include a General Manager, Skating, Technical, Goalie Coaches, Team Coaches. and an Athletic Trainer. These individuals are all respected leaders in the hockey community and were specifically invited to participate in their respective HUB based on their expertise, networks, and relationships.

The borderless model provides individual and collective advantages. From a player’s perspective, it means that if invited, an athlete can choose to play in an environment where they find the best fit. Consideration may be given to program content including coaches, development opportunities, roster composition, school and education, location, and a host of other personal wants and needs. From a HUB perspective, it means there is an increased pool of talent to draw from without being restricted to a set geographic region. HUBs are free to invite and select a roster that best meets their desired culture, style of play, preferred player styles/types, and qualities/character of players.

The Borderless Model is an effective catalyst for enhanced quality and performance. Every HUB must compete against other programs and draw from the talent and strengths within. This creates a healthy level of competition between programs to continuously innovate and improve, which ultimately leads to a better player experience.

Given the technology and communication tools available today, it is extremely rare for good players to go unnoticed. Our role is to showcase talent and facilitate timely discovery.

By using our Scouting Department, professional/high quality broadcasted games, cutting edge social media platforms, TPE and our Showcase formats, the JPHL makes finding a player easier. We are committed to generating scouting opportunities through our Signature Event Series, to actively building a digital footprint for each athlete and to promote our players through personal networks and established relationships at the Major Junior and Junior A levels.

While some people may promise the moon, nobody can guarantee that your player will play at the next level. The JPHL is focused on providing your player with the skills, structure, mentorship, and exposure to maximize their potential. Like all great things, the results will speak for themselves.

A Showcase is a weekend event where teams and players compete in two to four league games. Games are condensed over a few consecutive days (three to four) to allow coaches and teams the opportunity to get into a good rhythm, to course correct specific individual and team play, and to identify and achieve specific shorter-term goals. This structure provides a community atmosphere where game are connected. Games are usually clustered together to allow for peers, families and competitors to visit and view things on and off the ice throughout a showcase weekend. This further gives teams and individual players the opportunity to focus on individual growth and to hone team strategies and tactics in preparation for the next Showcase.


Calgary Rockies

HUB GM - Jeff Atkinson
[email protected] | @Rockies_JPHL

Coquitlam HC

HUB Leader - Tali Campbell
[email protected]

HC Edmonton

HUB GM - Shawn Belle
[email protected] | @HCEdmonton_JPHL

Lloydminster Athletics

HUB GM - Kyle Tapp
[email protected] | @Athletics_JPHL

Langley HA

HUB GM - Jason Pue
[email protected] | @LangleyAcademy_JPHL

Okanagan HC

HUB GM - Rod Hume
[email protected] | @OkanaganHC_JPHL

Titans Hockey Union

HUB GM - Garrett Meger
[email protected] | @TitansHU_JPHL

Island HC

HUB GM - Clayton Stoner / Mike Stutzel
[email protected] | @Wild_JPHL