(Spruce Grove, AB) - 4Vengeance Media is proud to serve as the broadcast provider for the 2023 JPHL Winter Championships on Silent Ice TV. While all games (excluding Sunday) will follow the JPHL standard – one camera, one commentator, and one graphics package – our broadcast coverage in partnership with Junior Prospects Hockey League takes a significant leap for Championship Sunday.

On this special day, 4Vengenace Media will feature eight cameras, six dedicated to on-ice action and two to our on-location desk for interviews and the pregame show. With a new graphics package, a three-person broadcast team (play-by-play, color analyst, and host), and the use of our state-of-the-art control room at Silent Ice Center, 4Vengeance will provide live camera switching, replays, and engaging storylines throughout the day. Plus, our trusty white rabbit will return for close-up, emotional footage of players on the ice.

Our play-by-play team will be spearheaded by Peter Loubardias, a seasoned commentator with NHL and Olympic experience, currently serving as a scout for the Calgary Flames. Joining him is Dustin Nielson, the voice behind the Spengler Cup, CFL on TSN, and a prominent sports talk personality in Edmonton. Providing insightful analysis from ice level between the benches is the veteran color analyst Tyler Wowk. On the sidelines, we have the experienced Gene Principe, a Sportsnet Reporter for the Edmonton Oilers, and the multi-talented Dean Millard, our production manager at 4Vengeance Media, taking on hosting duties during pregame and intermissions.

Having meticulously planned our coverage, 4Vengeance Media is excited to deliver an NHL-style broadcast experience to viewers at home and in the arena on Championship Sunday.


9:30AM – U14 FINAL

12:30PM – U15 FINAL

3:30PM – U17 FINAL

6:30PM – U18 FINAL

Catch all the action at www.silenticetv.com.

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