As the Director of Media & Broadcasting with 4Vengeance Media, a subsidiary of Silent Ice Sports & Entertainment, you will lead the strategic vision and operations of 4Vengeance Media. Your role will encompass business development, management, day-to-day operations, staffing, and accounting. 4Vengeance Media currently functions as the broadcast production provider for the Spruce Grove Saints (BCHL), Junior Prospects Hockey League (JPHL), Hockey Super League (HSL) and the Silent Ice Center (SIC). 4Vengeance is also involved on a consulting basis with the Seattle Thunderbirds (WHL). You will also be entrusted with the oversight of all media platforms related to the Spruce Grove Saints, alongside various Silent Ice Sports & Entertainment events and programs. Additionally, you will serve as the official play-by-play voice of the Spruce Grove Saints, where you will oversee all facets of broadcasting and production for the team.

Saints Responsibilities:

Manage social media presence across various platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, YouTube, and the official website.
Coordinate with announcers and video teams league-wide to ensure proper equipment for radio broadcasts and coach video during away games.
Provide game notes and statistics to announcers prior to each game.
Recruit personnel for game-day operations including play-by-play commentators, color analysts, camera operators, music coordinators, PA announcer, in-game hosts, mascot, replay operators, directors, sideline reporters, anthem singers, and honorary team captains.
Collaborate with the graphics team to develop game day programs and promotional materials, and schedule posts across all Saints channels.
Prepare line up cards for distribution to other teams and coaching staff, and post online before warm-up.
Set up and manage all technical equipment and systems in the arena including cameras, broadcast graphics, announcer booths, audio systems, and microphones.
Record and upload radio shows, interviews, and intermission segments.
Develop scripts for radio and video broadcasts, as well as in-house elements.
Supervise social media activity during games and ensure timely posting of content.
Perform game-day announcing duties.
Assist with post-game cleanup and equipment breakdown.
Edit and publish highlights, post-game interviews, score updates, website articles, and final game graphics.
Travel with the team for away games and participate in community events as required.

Silent Ice Responsibilities:

Oversee all social media accounts for Silent Ice, post releases on the website, and collaborate with the graphics team.
Maintain audio and video equipment at Silent Ice Center for events.
Collaborate with other departments on social media content creation and posting schedules.

4Vengeance Responsibilities:

Maintain equipment inventory and coordinate logistics for JPHL/HSL games.
Create intermission content and graphics for JPHL weekends.
Monitor game production quality and handle corporate video projects.
Collaborate with other departments on various tasks and projects as needed.
Manage accounting tasks including invoicing, payables, and receivables.

Applicants should be prepared to relocate to Spruce Grove, AB, possess on-air experience in either radio or TV, demonstrate basic proficiency in audio and video production equipment, social media platforms, back ends of websites and exhibit familiarity with video editing using the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite. Additionally, candidates must be willing to work extended hours, weekends, and holidays. Strong leadership skills, a fundamental understanding of accounting principles, and organizational operations are essential.

Applicants will be required to submit a demo tape showcasing their play-by-play abilities, along with examples of video and audio editing expertise. Availability for a job interview is also expected.

For those interested, please email your resume to [email protected].

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