[Edmonton, April 15, 2024] — The Female Super League (FSL) is proud to announce a groundbreaking development: the introduction of progressive bodychecking in the 14U division for the upcoming 2024-25 season. This strategic decision underscores our commitment to player development, safety, and preparing athletes for the physical demands of elite-level hockey.

Recognizing that the female game is inherently physical, the FSL believes that teaching athletes the parameters of skilled physicality within a safe player environment is essential for their development. By introducing progressive bodychecking, we aim to empower young athletes to better navigate the physical aspects of the game while honing their skills on both sides of the puck.

"Our development strategies are designed with an athlete-centric purpose, and we are excited to introduce progressive bodychecking in the 14U division of the Female Super League," said Hayley Runnalls, Commissioner of the FSL. "This initiative aligns with our commitment to providing a supportive yet challenging environment where athletes can reach their full potential."

To complement the introduction of progressive bodychecking, the FSL will implement a 4-person officiating crew structure that is well-versed in these specific rules and regulations of the game. Drawing from the expertise of the Hockey Super League (HSL) offerings at the 2012AAA and Major divisions, our officiating team will ensure fair and consistent enforcement of the new rules, prioritizing player safety and development.

"We believe that by teaching our athletes the fundamentals of skilled physicality in a controlled setting, we can better prepare them for the rigors of their development path," added Runnalls. "The introduction of progressive bodychecking, along with our enhanced officiating structure, represents a significant step forward for the Female Super League and the future of women’s hockey."

Silent Ice Sports & Entertainment invites players, coaches, parents, and fans to join us in celebrating this milestone in the evolution of the FSL. Together, let us continue to support and empower the next generation of female hockey stars.

For more information about the Female Super League and to stay updated on the latest news and developments, visit www.femalesuperleague.com.

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