(Edmonton, AB) - In the wake of an electrifying inaugural month in the Junior Prospects Hockey League showcased on Silent Ice TV, we’re thrilled to announce the arrival of the first full showcase this weekend. Your exclusive all-access pass is now up for grabs!

For just $99.99, you gain entry to every regular season clash, the highly-anticipated Winter Championship (scheduled from December 13th to 17th, 2023), and the Playoffs (over the first three weekends in March, 2024) – all professionally produced by 4Vengeance Media.

If you prefer to purchase individual games, they are available at $3.99 each. And for those who wish to download an event, it’s $5.99 per game. To secure your season pass or a single game, simply create an account on www.silenticetv.com. From there, you can make your selection by clicking on the game of your choice and follow the intuitive prompts. Downloads will be accessible at the conclusion of each day’s broadcasts. We also offer a stream and download combination option for $8.00.

Please note, only one login is permitted to watch at a current time. If you wish to watch from multiple households, you must purchase additional subscriptions. To purchase a package or individual game, click on any upcoming game, and the purchase options will pop up on screen. 

JPHL Commissioner Richard Nault expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "This offers outstanding value for a fast-paced and incredibly entertaining league. If our first month is any indication, the excitement is only going to escalate. The production quality, spearheaded by 4Vengeance Media, is truly unparalleled. Those unable to attend live games will undoubtedly appreciate the opportunity to witness our league’s extraordinary showcase."

This Thursday marks the JPHL’s first full showcase of the season, presenting all 32 teams in action. A total of 56 games will unfold from Thursday through Sunday, hosted at the state-of-the-art Silent Ice Center, alongside the recently renovated Morinville Ice Gardens.

"We’re absolutely thrilled to step inside the brand-new Silent Ice Center, which will serve as our primary broadcast venue for games and Game Changers," shared 4Vengeance Media President Brandon Ewanchyshyn. "We’ve devised exciting plans for our broadcast studio within the complex, and fans are in for a visual treat, witnessing the transformation that has taken place in Morinville."

To visit Silent Ice TV, please click here --> www.silenticetv.com

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