[Edmonton, AB., April 9, 2024] — Silent Ice Sports & Entertainment proudly announces the launch of the Female Super League (FSL), set to debut its inaugural season in 2024-25. Designed to elevate female youth hockey, the FSL will provide a platform for young athletes to showcase their talents, fostering growth, development, and community engagement.

The FSL will feature two divisions in its maiden season: 12U and 14U, catering to female hockey players in Pacific Canada. Teams from Ontario and Quebec will participate in special events, enhancing the league’s competitiveness and expanding opportunities for cross-regional interaction.

One of the hallmark features of the FSL is its commitment to player safety and skill development. In the 14U division, the league will introduce progressive body contact, aiming to equip young athletes with essential skills while prioritizing their safety on the ice. This initiative underscores the FSL’s dedication to nurturing talent in a supportive and secure environment.

"We are thrilled to introduce the Female Super League and provide young female athletes with a platform to excel in hockey," said Tyrel Spitzer, VP of Sports Programming of Silent Ice Sports & Entertainment. "Through the FSL, we aim to empower these talented players, promote inclusivity, and foster a love for the game that will last a lifetime."

Silent Ice Sports & Entertainment invites all hockey stakeholders, supporters, and communities across Pacific Canada to join in celebrating the launch of the Female Super League. Together, let us champion the next generation of female hockey stars and inspire future generations of athletes.

Stay tuned for more information about the Female Super League (FSL) as many exciting announcements are forthcoming in the near future!

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